COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Full Circle Oral Surgery follows rigorous safety protocols to minimize exposure to COVID-19.


  • Face coverings required for all patients and visitors
  • Full PPE (N95 masks, face shields, and medical gloves) required for all staff at all times
  • All staff are fully vaccinated against COVID-19
  • Mostly paperless and contactless patient paperwork
  • New equipment to reduce the risk of transmission, especially airborne
  • Enhanced sanitizing and cleaning implemented between each patient visit
  • Strict adherence to the latest CDC, CDPH, OSHA, ADA, and CDA safety guidelines


New equipment

  • Plexiglass barrier at front desk
  • HyperHEPA air purification in our oral surgery operatory
    • Filters 99.5% of ultrafine particles, including viruses, down to 0.003 microns (10x’s smaller than a virus)
    • Filters the entire room air volume of our oral surgery operatory every 10 minutes
  • Chairside extraoral dental suction device for aerosols
    • A high-suction, HEPA-filtered device positioned near the patient’s mouth during oral surgery treatment to capture aerosols and protect the patient and the oral surgeon from airborne contaminants
    • Filters out 99.97% of biological aerosols, including viruses, down to 0.3 microns
  • Industrial-duty, OHSA-compliant fogger

Enhanced protocols for patients

Before your visit

  • Paperwork required for check-in should be completed electronically before your visit
  • Payments, if required, should be completed on our online payment page before your visit
  • An online screening for COVID-19 must be completed by all patients and visitors before entering our office
    • A link to our online screening form will be sent to you a day or two ahead of your appointment time

During your visit

  • All patients and visitors will be required to wear a face covering before entering the building
Entering the office
  • Our greeter will check the temperature of any visitors with a touchless thermometer and ask any visitors to sanitize their hands
Leaving the office
  • Most post-procedure paperwork, including the items below, will be sent to the patient or their pharmacy electronically
    • Treatment plans
    • Receipts & statements
    • Prescriptions

Enhanced protocols for staff

  • All employees are remotely screened on a daily basis before they come to work
  • All employees have their temperature checked on a daily basis before they enter the office
  • All employees are required to wear full PPE (N95 masks, face shields, and medical gloves) at all times

Enhanced protocols for cleaning and sanitizing

  • In addition to adhering strictly to standard infection control protocols set out by CDC and OSHA, we have implemented enhanced cleaning and sanitizing protocols
    • All contact surfaces in our office, especially in our oral surgery operatories, undergo thorough manual cleaning and disinfection after each patient visit
    • An industrial-duty fogger is used to supplement our disinfection efforts